Leonne International has extensive expertise across multiple asset classes and industry segments. We invest in industry sectors where we can add value with our significant experience and also help those businesses grow. These sectors include healthcare, media and financial services.

Our team has a deep knowledge and understanding in the sectors we operate in.

Healthcare Companies

Leonne International has active participation in the healthcare industry by targeting investment opportunities for businesses that are well-managed, low-cost, high potential healthcare companies.

Our teams have involvement in executing a wide variety of transaction types in the healthcare industry.

Our experience in the healthcare industry spans right across the sector from pharmaceutical companies, medical products manufacturers, service providers and to life sciences.

Media Companies

Leonne International invests across a wide scope of the evolving media sector, this includes traditional print media, software, digital media, and internet services.

We have in-depth knowledge of media technology trends as well as data insight into the evolving media consumers and customer as well as emerging business models across the globe by utilising our offices that are located across the globe with local market knowledge.

Financial Services

Leonne International has its core strength in the financial services sector. We are actively invested in business within this sector. We have invested in Fintech, payment solutions, trading and brokerage businesses.

Multiple Sectors

We work across other multiple sectors including, digital, retail and consumer, and energy to name a few.


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