Our Approach

Leonne International operates solely within the SME private equity field. The SME sector is a trillion-dollar area and is largely untouched within private equity transactions.

Untouched SME Sector

Currently, private equity is dominated by large firms who typically take on high-value deals of over £20 million per transaction. This  provides a huge opportunity for any private equity company operating within the SME sector.

Acquisition Model

At Leonne International, we focus on deal ranges from £1 million – £18 million per transaction. We recognise the huge opportunity available and have developed a structure that enables acquired SMEs to achieve strong growth whilst retaining independence in the day-to-day running of their business.

Private Equity Model

Unlike traditional private equity models, we do not acquire and merge our businesses, this in our opinion always delivers culture and profit issues. We are neither looking to ‘strip and flip’ the businesses we acquire, nor are we interested in buying struggling businesses in the hope we can turn them around where others have failed. We have no desire to merge all the businesses in our group into one cohesive brand with a centralised command and control structure.

Leonne Our Team

Business Support

Our model is extremely simple, we identify and acquire equity stakes within the underlying target business and let them do what they do best which is run the business independently. Leonne International then provides the business with financial, legal and business development support to increase growth and ultimately profits.

For every profitable business that we acquire and add into the group, we ultimately add profit to the bottom line of Leonne International whilst driving the underlying aim of achieving value for shareholders.


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