Mergers & Acquisitions

Our Mergers & Acquisitions Wing

Leonne International has an established hold in the SME sector. It’s primary object is to enable SME’s to grow, adapt and overcome the challenges that face the modern day SME. Leonne understand the vices that encompass SME’s on a day to day basis. Each individual that works with or in Leonne has a strong business ethos and has undertaken directorship previously, giving them each a personal perspective of what it takes to run and successful entity.

Business sales and methodologies associated  are the forefront of Leonne M&A. The M&A wing was established to accommodate the increasing volume of business sales enquires and requests.

The management team and director have all successfully floated, sold and established business over their time. They are equipped with the skills and experience to provide a catalyst for ANY business to achieve its ambitions and goals.

The Team

The team consists of multiple practitioners that have a fire and passion for achieving the best for their clients and their portfolio. As the way M&A is typically directed we are grown up and be upfront and transparent from the start. We will initially provides strengths alongside weakness from your business and find out about you and not just your business as we know you are the business not the numbers. Our person centred business development is what provides us with a good relationship with our clients coincided with strong business review analytics.

It is preconceived by the public that the selling of a business is easy especially if the business is profitable but this is far from the truth. It is a long and sometimes dark road that encounters many individuals attempting to obtain your hard earned company for a reduce value or conditions that are not favourable to yourself.

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We provide a comprehensive and transparent journey that encompasses you and what you require.

We can inform you what is realist and what you can achieve to meet your expectations. Our approach has worked well over the years and clients are always quick to recommend us to friends and partners. We welcome any enquiry and look forward to assisting you.


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