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Leonne International is a leading multinational private equity firm, focused on the acquisition of SMEs primarily in the healthcare, media and financial services sectors.

Private Equity Division

The objective at Leonne International is to invest in businesses where there is potential to achieve large growth. The team at Leonne international is experienced in proactively identifying, targeting and acquiring profitable businesses where value can be added through enhancing performance with the provision of long-term capital and operating support to the management teams.

What makes Leonne International different is that we understand the importance of retaining the identity and culture of a business. It is for that reason any business we acquire, continues to be run by its own management team without any changes to its structure or consolidation of resources. At Leonne International, we only look to create synergies between our portfolio companies.

Leonne International is the private equity division of Leonne Wealth, which is a family office located in Hong Kong.

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